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Wrinkles / Anti-Aging


Smooth our those wrinkles and fine lines!

Take years off your appearance!


Treatment Description

STEP 1: Exfoliation Steaming with a Pumpkin Enzyme

STEP 2: A glycolic, TCA, or Jesseners Peel is applied (depending on skin type)

STEP 3: Diamond Microderm-Abrasion to vacuum and suction dead layers of skin

STEP 4: Extractions (if needed)

STEP 5: Masque

Treatment Summary

This treatment will allow medium depth peeling to shed dead layers of skin and stimulate the process of collagen to help reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Will notice skin tightening within 1 treatment. Recommendation of treatments to be determined by individual skin condition.

A home care regimen is essential to maintain results.

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